International Master of Science in Fire Safety Engineering
 Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions by applicants

When will the application forms for scholarships be available again?

→ The application forms for scholarship are made available online between September and January each year. They apply to the subsequent academic year.

Am I a 'Programme Country student' or a 'Partner Country student'?

All nationalities worldwide have access to the IMFSE application forms. There are 2 student categories: Programme Countries ('EU') and Partner Countries ('non-EU'). More information can be found here.

I am interested in the IMFSE programme but the deadline for scholarship applications has already passed. Can I still apply?

→ You can still apply for admission to the IMFSE programme, but only on a self-sponsored basis. I.e., you cannot apply for our scholarhips anymore.

Where can I find an application form to apply for a scholarship?

→ There is no seperate form to apply for scholarships. In the IMFSE online application form, you can indicate whether you want to apply for a scholarship under the tab 'Financial information'. Students are also encouraged to apply for scholarships other than those associated with the IMFSE program (e.g., see "Other scholarships" on the Scholarships page).

I am encountering problems with uploading my documents. What should I do?

→ Send the error message you see on your screen to, so we know what the exact problem is. Make sure all documents are pdf.files.

I want to apply to the IMFSE programme but I have not obtained my Bachelor's degree in Engineering yet. Can I apply to the IMFSE programme?

→ Yes, Bachelor students in their last year of study can also apply, but need to successfully finish their Bachelor studies prior to the start of IMFSE. See also: Application Procedure.

In the application form, I am asked for FSE-related experience or achievements. If I do not have such experience, am I still eligible?

→ Yes. FSE-related experience/achievements is not a mandatory aspect of your application.

Is there is format or guide for my recommendation letters?

→ No, there is no format for the recommendation letters.

How can I submit my online application form?

→ Once you filled out all obligatory fields, an extra button will appear wiith the option "submit your application". You will then receive a confirmation e-mail with a copy of your application form. Note that you can no longer change the information in your application form after submission. You also need to submit a your application to the IMFSE office in hard copy.

Do I have to send a hard copy of my form if I already uploaded a digital version of my documents?

→ Yes, sending a hard copy of your documents and application form is a required part of the application procedure. The deadline for the hard copy submission is the same as for the online soft copy submission. Post mark counts, so the hard copy needs to be sent before the deadline, but can arrive some days after.

How do I know whether my hard copy shipment arrived well?

→ We send an e-mail confirmation to all applicants whose hard copy application form arrived.

Is January the deadline for online applications only or hard copy documents submission as well?

→ Both online and hard copy submissions need to be completed by January. For specific deadlines, see here

Where do I have to send the hard copy of my documents?

→ You must send them to our contact address.



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