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  • The IMFSE team is very proud to have been awarded the SFPE 2018 ‘David A. Lucht Lamp of Knowledge Award’: This award honors an organization, company, or individual that has contributed substantially to increasing the opportunities for higher education in fire protection engineering.
  • Alumnus Davood Zeinali had two articles published in the journal of Combustion and Flame: Experimental study of corner fires Part I and Part II.
  • Alumnus Simon Santamaria wins the John Moyes Lessells Travel Scholarship, which is designed for "Honours Graduates in Engineering from Scottish Universities, who wish to study some aspect of their profession outwith the UK".
  • The 2018 Bigglestone was awarded to a paper on probabilistic fire safety engineering (doi 10.1007/s10694-017-0660-4) authored by IMFSE lecturer Ruben Van Coile, together with Georgios Balomenos, Mahesh Pandey and Robby Caspeele. The Harry C. Bigglestone award is given annually to the paper appearing in Fire Technology that best represents excellence in the communication of fire protection concepts. This is the second year in a row that a paper led by an IMFSE lecturer is awarded, with last year's award going to a paper on evacuation modelling led by Enrico Ronchi.
  • The European Commission made a video about IMFSE! Available here and here.
  • Dr. Barbara Lane (Arup) has been elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh ( Sincere congratulations!
  • NFPA and GAE Engineering joined the Sponsorship Consortium. Welcome!
  • The Fire Research group at our Associated Partner The University of Queensland now issues a newsletter. The very first issue features IMFSE in an article about the thesis research of Pascale Vacca and Nemer Abusamha.




  • December: missed the virtual tour? No worries, access the Presentation + the video from the University of Queensland here
  • Alumnus Daan Van den Broecke wins the Daan Sugden Award from ATS, with his paper on FSE in tunnels.
  • October: IMFSE Student Chapter recognized by SFPE! The Student Chapters are listed here.
  • September: IMFSE alumnus Daniel Martin (USA) wins the very first 'IWMA Young Talent Award 2016' with his thesis 'The Use of a Water Mist Curtain as a Radiation Shield'. Congratulations!
  • September: Nils Johansson, Stefan Svensson and Patrick van Hees (Lund University) have been awarded with the prestigious Jack Bono Award for Engineering Communications.
  • April: Prof. Bart Merci from Ghent University visits the division of Fire Safety Engineering at Lund University and gave lectures on CFD and fires in car parks for students and staff.
  • April: Prof. Bart Merci and dr. Tarek Beji wrote a book on fire and smoke dynamics, giving fluid mechanics aspects a central role in the story. The book has now been published, please find more information here.
  • March: Prof. José L. Torero, who helped launch the IMFSE programme for the University of Edinburgh (UK) and who currently works for the University of Queensland (Australia), has been awarded the Honorary Doctorate at Ghent University (Belgium).
  • January: IMFSE professors Luke Bisby and Bart Merci become, together with Prof Ann Jeffers, Editors-in-Chief of Fire Safety Journal, the leading journal in the field of fire safety science. More info


  • December: Missed the Virtual Tour in or want to double check something? Find the Virtual Tour Presentations here!
  • September: IMFSE alumnus Arne Inghelbrecht gave a talk on the New Zealand Fire Service Perspective at the UQ SFPE Seminar.
  • September: the IMFSE Management Board welcomes Prof. Luke Bisby as new representative of the University of Edinburgh, in replacement of Prof. Albert Simeoni.
  • September: find the pictures of the Graduation Ceremony 2015 here!
  • August: The University of Maryland (US) joins IMFSE as Associated Partner. Welcome!
  • July: the new sponsors for IMFSE are announced in the IAFSS newsletter (pg. 6)!
  • February: Read this enthralling new paper on how IMFSE is 'Setting the reference of Fire Safety Degrees' here!
  • February: IMFSE is very pleased to announce they have a new sponsor! Fire Engineered Solutions Ghent (Belgium), an engineering company specialised in fire safety engineering, will sponsor 1 IMFSE student on the basis of € 6000 per year, for the next 3 years, starting from September 2015!


  • December: The IAFSS newsletter is out now! Read all about IMFSE on pages 7, 9 and 10!
  • September: The 1st IMFSE Fire Safety Engineering Day on 18 September at the Fire Service Station in Antwerp, Belgium was a big success! Here you can read the summary of the very interesting panel discussion held that day.
  • September: Thesis IMFSE alumnus Arne Inghelbrecht nominated for IFV-VVBA thesis award
  • June: Graduation Ceremony of the IMFSE-2012 students. Congraduations!
  • June: Edinburgh blog: "Fire Group Members Work to Better Understand Wildland Fires"
  • June: Trends - The FPC newsletter with a reference to the thesis of IMFSE student Eron Desloover on the last page!
  • May: #ed40fire – Celebrating the 40th anniversary of Fire Safety Engineering at the University of Edinburgh. More info
  • May: Student visit to the Fire research centre SP in Boras (Sweden).
  • March: Interesting blog post from Edinburgh on the 6th International Symposium on Tunnel Safety and Security (ISTSS). More info
  • March: Prof. Patrick van Hees, the IMFSE program director at Lund University, has been elected as Chairman of the International Association for Fire Safety Science (IAFSS).
  • February: Prof. Torero (University of Queensland) and Prof. Merci (Ghent University) presented an invited lecture at the 11th IAFSS Symposium.


  • G. Maragkos, P. Rauwoens and B. Merci, "Differential Diffusion Effects in Numerical Simulations of Laminar, Axi-symmetric H-2/ N-2-air Diffusion flames", International Journal of Hydrogyn Energy, Vol. 39, pp. 13285- 13291 (2014). Click here for the full article.
  •  S. Verstockt, S. Van Hoecke, P. De Potter, P. Lambert, C. Hollemeersch, B. Sette, B. Merci and R. Van de Walle, "Multi-modal Time-of-flight Based Fire Detection", Multimedia Tools and Applications, Vol. 69, pp. 313-338 (2014). Click here for the full article.
  • T. Beji, B. Merci, S. Verstockt and R. Van de Walle, "On the Use of Real-time Video to Forecast Fire Growth in Enclosures", Fire Technology, Vol. 50, pp. 1021-1040 (2014). Click here for the full article.


  • December: Prof. Bart Merci nominated for Ghent University Prometheus Award – Academic Excellence in Research. More info
  • November: Bart Merci’s group wins 2 FireForum Awards. More info
  • November: IMFSE Alumnus Brecht Debrouwere wins VVBA-IFV Dutch National Fire Safety Engineering Award
  • September - the IMFSE Management Board welcomes Prof. Albert Simeoni as new representative of the University of Edinburgh, in replacement of Prof. José Torero.
  • March -The IAFSS newsletter includes updates and pictures from IMFSE and its partner universities. More info.


  • N. Tilley, P. Rauwoens, D. Fauconnier and B. Merci, “On the Extrapolation of CFD Results for Smoke and Heat Control in Reduced-Scale Set-Ups to Full Scale: Atrium Configuration”,
    Fire Safety Journal, Vol. 59, pp. 160 - 165 (2013). See here.
  • X. Deckers, S. Haga, N. Tilley and B. Merci, “Smoke control in case of fire in a large car park: CFD Simulations of Full-Scale Configurations”, Fire Safety Journal, Vol. 57, pp. 22-34 (2013). See here.
  • X. Deckers, S. Haga, B. Sette and B. Merci, “Smoke control in case of fire in a large car park: Full-Scale Experiments”, Fire Safety Journal, Vol. 57, pp. 11-21 (2013). See here
  • Z. Tang, J. Vierendeels, Z. Fang and B. Merci, “Description and Application of an Analytical Model to Quantify Downward Smoke Displacement Caused by a Water Spray”, Fire Safety Journal, Vol. 55, pp. 50 - 60 (2013). See here


  • IMFSE students interviewed in the 'Feel at home' movie from Ghent University. See here
  • September - RABOT2012: 4 large-scale multi-compartment fire tests were conducted in an apartment in one of the 'Rabot' towers in the city of Ghent (Belgium). More info about RABOT2012
  • November - FPC dedicated 2 pages to IMFSE in the latest newsletter ‘Trends’. More info
  • August - IMFSE illustrates the cover of the latest IAFSS newsletter. See here.
  • April - The IAFSS updates about IMFSE and mentions the Fire Forum Awards. More info


  • T. Beji, S. Verstockt, R. Van de Walle and B. Merci, “On the Use of Real-Time Video to Forecast Fire Growth in Enclosures”, Fire Technology. See here
  • N. Tilley, X. Deckers and B. Merci, “CFD Study of Relation between Ventilation Velocity and Smoke Backlayering Distance in Large Closed Car Parks”, Fire Safety Journal, Vol. 48, pp. 11-20 (2012). See here.


  • November - The "Fire Forum Award 2011" is granted the IMFSE programme. More info
  • November - IMFSE welcomes the “Cedric Consult and SBR study tour”. More info
  • August - The IAFSS newsletter includes an update about IMFSE. More info
  • January - The IAFSS newsletter describes the student progression after the very first semester in IMFSE. More info


  • S. Verstockt, S. Van Hoecke, N. Tilley, B. Merci, B. Sette, P. Lambert, C.-F. J. Hollemeersch and R. Van de Walle, “FireCube: A Multi-View Localization Framework for 3D Fire Analysis”, Fire Safety Journal, Vol. 46 (5), pp. 262 - 275 (2011). See here


  • August - The IAFSS newsletter mentions the launch of IMFSE as "excellent news on the educational front". More info
  • March - The International Association for Fire Safety Science (IAFSS) issues a half-yearly newsletter with a featured section on the IMFSE programme. The March issue updates about the pending kick-off of the first IMFSE cohort. More info
  • The Society of Fire Protection Engineers publishes a quarterly newsletter. Read the latest SFPE newsletter here. More information on the SFPE can be found on their website.



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