International Master of Science in Fire Safety Engineering

Financial information

Before travelling to Europe, prospective students should make sure that they have sufficient financial resources to cover all expenses. Costs that should be anticipated with studying in Europe include the tuition fee, accomodation and daily expenses.
For self-sponsoring students (i.e. students not receiving a scholarship), the total costs of the IMFSE programme can be estimated as follows:

  • Tuition fee: € 10,000 per year (€ 7,000 per year for EEA* students, see tuition fees)
  • Living costs: depending on personal needs and location, between € 200-350 per month
  • Accomodation: depending on the location: € 300-450 (Ghent); € 250-400 (Lund); and from € 300 upwards (Edinburgh) per month.
  • Travel costs (very depending on distance)
  • VISA costs (for non-EEA* students)

For specific estimated costs at Ghent, Lund or Edinburgh, see financial information on the respective university websites, or use the 'cost of living' comparing tool.

Total costs can be reduced by applying for a scholarship (see the scholarships page).

*EEA = European Economic Area


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