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Alumni quote: "The master was an amazing experience and is an excelent tool for fire safety engineering"



Bart Van Weyenberge (IMFSE Alumnus) wins the 2017-2018 Fire Forum Award - November 2017

IMFSE Alumnus Bart Van Weyenberge (center in the picture), representing study office FESG, won the 2017-2018 Fire Forum Award in the category ‘Consultancy and architecture’ on the 4th National Fire Forum Awards (In November 2017). He won the award for the development of a fire safety design for the renovation of an old church into a multicultural building. FESG, founded by Xavier Deckers (right on picture) is a spin-off from Ghent University, IMFSE sponsor and employer of several IMFSE alumni.

Carmen Gorska Putynska (IMFSE alumnus) wins the IAFSS Best Poster Award - June 2017

IMFSE alumnus Carmen Gorska Putynska won the Best Poster Award at the occasion of the 12th IAFSS Symposium (June 2017 - Lund). The poster presented her research on 'Self-extinguishment of Exposed Cross Laminated Timber Walls in Compartment Fires' wich is being performed at the University of Queensland (Australia) under the supervision of Juan P. Hidalgo and Jose Torero. Congratulations, Carmen!

IMFSE Alumnus becomes program evaluator for ABET - 2017

Nick Bartlett, Senior Fire Protection Engineer at Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory in Berkeley, California, was recently accepted to become a program evaluator for for ABET. ABET is a non-governmental accreditation agency for engineering and science programs. As a volunteer for ABET, Nick will work to assess undergraduate fire safety engineering programs to assure they are meeting the standards required by the profession. Nick also recently assisted in the fire investigation of the Ghost Ship Fire in Oakland, California, a tragic fire which claimed the lives of 36 individuals.


IMFSE alumnus Daan Van den Broecke wins the 'Daan Sugden Young Engineerings Writing Award' (ATS) - 2016

Daan Van den Broecke (IMFSE class 2014-2016) has won the D. Sugden Young Engineers Writing Award award for his paper 'Study on the Effectiviness of Sprinklers in Tunnels'. The research was done at the University of Queensland (Australia), one of the Associated Partners of the IMFSE Consortium. This award from the Australasian Tunnel Society is given yearly to a youg engineer to develop the art of technical writing.

IMFSE alumnus Daniel Martin (USA) wins the very first 'IWMA Young Talent Award 2016' - July 2016

The winner of this year’s “IWMA Young Talent Award / Master” is Mr. Daniel Alexander Martin. The title of his winning master thesis is: “The Use of a Water Mist Curtain as a Radiation Shield”.
Daniel performed his thesis research under the supervision of Bjarne Husted (Lund University) in academic year 2014-2015, within the framework of his IMFSE studies. The full thesis can be accessed here.

Mr. Martin, who has been a volunteer firefighter, has now started to work for Jensen Hughes, Inc. as an Associate Fire Protection Engineer at the company headquarters in Baltimore, USA.

IMFSE alumnus Bart Van Weyenberge wins the Fire Forum Award - november 2015

IMFSE Alumnus Bart Van Weyenberge won the 2015-2016 Fire Forum Award in the category 'Research' on the 3th National Fire Forum Awards. He won the award for his research regarding the development of a risk assessment methodology for quantifying the life safety risk in case of fire in challenging buildings.
The research was conducted in cooperation with Ghent University and Fire Engineered Solutions Ghent (SFEG), an UGent spin-off.
More info on the award (in Dutch)

IMFSE Alumnus Brecht Debrouwere wins IFV-VVBA Award with Master Thesis (Promotor: Prof. Bart Merci) - November 2013

IMFSE Alumnus Brecht Debrouwere won the IFV-VVBA Award on the 6th National Fire Safety Engineering congress in The Netherlands. He won the award for his excellent master thesis entitled ‘A study on initial fire behaviour in lower energy houses’.
This master thesis has been written as final assessment in the International Master of Science in Fire Safety Engineering, with Prof. Bart Merci as promotor. More info (in Dutch) is found on here and here.

The decision for the award has been motivated by the Chairman as follows:
Given the scientific argumentation, the applicability for the fire brigade and the presentation of the work, we as jury decided to grant the Scriptieprijs 2013 to Brecht Debrouwere. He describes in an exceptionally clear manner the risks that may occur in case of fire in a (very) low energy house. The dissertation is of high scientific level and of strong relevance for the fire brigade. It provides important information for the fire service, both for the phase of fire prevention and for the phase of fire service intervention. Debrouwere combines clear and useful theory, experiments and application to practice.

The thesis is found here.

Prof. Bart Merci’s group wins 2 Fire Forum Awards - November 2013

Prof. Bart Merci’s group received 2 of the 2013 FireForum Awards. The first award concerns the collaboration with Brandweer Gent for the  fire tests in the high-rise buildings ‘Rabottoren’, where also ELIS-iMinds was involved. The other award concerns the successful spin-off company Fire Engineered Solutions Ghent, led by ir. Xavier Deckers. More info on the FireForum Awards can be found here (Dutch).

Prof. Bart Merci’s group wins the Fire Forum Award for Social Value- November 2011

FireForum Awards is a new Belgium prize to celebrate excelence in fire safety engineering. It is organized by Fire Forum in cooperation with the Federal Public Service Home Affairs and the Federal Civil Security Knowledge (KCCE). The first edition of the awards was celebrated at the Koloniënpaleis, Tervuren, on 17 Nov 2011. More info and pictures


This is a growing overview of the presentations and papers from the IMFSE alumni.


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