International Master of Science in Fire Safety Engineering
 Lund University

Lund Unversity

The Department of Fire Safety Engineering at Lund University is
located in the very South of Sweden and hosts the IMFSE programme. 

The Department of Fire Safety Engineering is responsible for education and research in Fire Safety Engineering and Risk Management. The scope of what we do is to a large extent interdisciplinary, and we are responsible for essential parts of the Fire Protection Engineering programme on bachelor level, the Risk Management and Safety Engineering programme, and the Fire Safety Engineering programme on masters level. In addition, we are responsible for the education of PhD students in the research field of fire safety engineering. Co-operation with other universities and colleges are carried out regarding both education and research.


Introducing Lund University:


The research at the department in the field of Fire Safety Engineering has during the years encompassed the description of the evolution of a fire, human behaviour in the event of fire, extinguishing techniques and extinguishing agents, industrial fire protection systems, design related to fire technology, and community emergency services.

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